ryan innes the voice nbc 'The Voice': Ryan Innes creates a war amongst the coachesOne of the great joys of “The Voice” is watching a four-way battle between the coaches over a contestant, as each struggle to prove that they are the coach for them. Monday’s final audition (April 8), Ryan Innes, prompted just that — and it was a treat.

Ryan approached the competition with the prerequisite sad story over how he gave up a career path in medicine after getting dumped to chase his dream, putting it all on the line. At 31, he said that, while he may not be the youngest in the game, “emotion doesn’t have an age.”

Ryan took the stage, singing John Mayer‘s “Gravity,” and from the second his mouth opened, it was clear this was the audition of the night. Coach Adam Levine turned on the very first word, with Blake Shelton turning shortly thereafter. It took new coaches Usher and Shakira a bit longer to turn, but once Ryan hit his blues-ier runs, all four coaches were facing forward and gearing for the fight.

“Ryan’s got soul, doesn’t he?” Blake said off the bat. “Most fun I’ve had listening all day.” He gave Ryan the hard sell, before telling him the other coaches were going to feed him a bunch of BS.

Shakira tried to appeal to his ego, saying that listening to him felt like floating in her chair. “You shook this entire room, man. I just hope that you give me an opportunity to be your coach,” Usher offered. 

“I would like to point out the lightening quickness with which I turned my chair around,” Adam said, trying his best.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a harder choice in my life,” Ryan told the coaches, as they continued to plead their cases. But when it came down to it, he knew what he was going to do: “My first instrument is my voice and because I sing soul music, I’ll pick Usher.”

What did you think about Ryan’s audition, “Voice” fans? Did he deserve to have all four coaches turn around?

Posted by:Billy Nilles