Someone on Adam Levine‘s team had to go up against Sarah Simmons in the knockout rounds on “The Voice,” but why did it have to be Warren Stone? Why, oh why, indeed.

Surely Levine had a different sacrificial lamb to face slaughter up against Simmons on night one of the knockouts on Monday (April 29). On a night that saw Amber Carrington and Midas Whale get paired up in a rather “meh”-inducing knockout round, leaving Stone to the final round with Simmons was a strange move on Levine’s part.

Things only grew more unfair when Stone proved to be a revelation by stepping outside the country genre for the first time with Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died in Your Arms.” His performance was the moment when an artist found his sound. He’d never sounded better, but even he must’ve known he was going home.

How couldn’t he when Simmons stepped up and just lit the place on fire with The Rolling Stones “Wild Horses”? There’s something so magical, so effortless, so perfect about Simmons that, of course, she deserved to win. It’s too bad she was made to win against Stone.

Do you think Sarah deserved the victory over Warren?

Posted by:Billy Nilles