Shakira‘s learning the hard way that when a contestant auditions for “The Voice” with a country song, rocking a pair of cowboy boots, they’re usually hoping to wind up on Blake Shelton‘s team. Case in point: Savannah Berry.

The 17-year-old YouTube sensation, who once performed with Sugarland after getting noticed for a cover of their hit, “Stuck Like Glue,” took the stage on the NBC hit for a blind audition on Tuesday (April 2), hoping to make her homeschooling and school dance-missing all worth it by getting a chair or two to spin around.

As soon as she opened her mouth and started in on the gorgeously moody “Safe and Sound,” Taylor Swift‘s theme for the “Hunger Games” movie, it was clear that Savannah needn’t worry. The young singer expertly conveyed the dreary beauty of the song through her folksy twang. Immediately, Adam Levine turned his chair, followed quickly by Shakira. Blake waited longer than expected, but when Savannah hit that strong, extended note in the middle passage, that was all it took.

And just like that, the youngster had three of four coaches battling to have her on their team. (Usher called himself an idiot for not turning around, but he probably knew it would have been an odd fit.) Shakira fought especially hard to have Savannah on her team, telling her that, after three seasons, Adam and Blake were already jaded and almost deaf. “You need someone who’s hungry. I’m hungry,” the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer argued. Adam correctly noted, “It’s scary how good you are at this.”

Though Savannah was in tears over the love she was receiving, Shakira and Adam’s words were all for naught. The minute Blake told the young singer he was “fascinated” by her voice, he had it all sewn up. It didn’t hurt that he’s intimately familiar with Miranda Lambert, Savannah’s noted idol. (You know, his wife.)

If the other coaches aren’t careful, Blake could just take Savannah all the way to the crown this season. Do you agree, “Voice” fans?

Posted by:Billy Nilles