voice season 4 adam levine shakira usher blake shelton nbc 'The Voice' Season 4 premiere: 10 things to expect when Usher & Shakira join Adam Levine & Blake Shelton“The Voice” returns for Season 4 tonight on NBC with new coaches Usher and Shakira joining returning favorites Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

How do the newbies fare? Surprisingly well. As Carson Daly told us about the new quartet’s chemistry, the line-up delivers everything we’ve come to expect from “The Voice.” (And even if no one is quite as sassy as Christina Aguilera, Shakira is so adorable that it doesn’t really matter.)

We got an advance look at tonight’s season premiere and while we won’t spoil the Blind Auditions fun by revealing who winds up on which team, we can share the following 10 highlights of what to expect.

Shakira and Usher are both very excited to join the show: Not that they’d say anything different, but Shakira is eager to “help someone else achieve their dreams” and Usher believes “The Voice” has “credibility” and gives him an “opportunity to do what I love, which is mentor.” Just like he famously mentored Justin Bieber. Expect to hear a lot about that this season.

usher leg voice nbc 'The Voice' Season 4 premiere: 10 things to expect when Usher & Shakira join Adam Levine & Blake SheltonUsher’s leg steals the spotlight: The new coaches bring their own unique style to the game — Shakira is earnest and genuine, while Usher is cool, calm and confident. He spends pretty much the whole show leaning back with one leg perched on his chair. “We thought about giving him a talk about the leg,” Carson Daly told us about the soon-to-be-iconic pose. “But then for continuity we thought, ‘Let him do whatever he wants to do.'”

First ever twins audition: If an audition from a pair of blonde identical twin girls sounds more like something you’d see on “American Idol,” don’t worry “The Voice” hasn’t changed up its style. These girls are no joke.

The coaches “Come Together” for a group performance: One of the benefits of having four superstar coaches on your show every week is that you can mix and match them for fun performances and the current “Voice” crew team up for a take on the Beatles classic “Come Together.” Bonus: Shakira seriously rocks a harmonica.

Michael Jackson connection: The strongest audition of the night comes from someone with a close connection to Michael Jackson. This person could be the one to watch moving forward, and more proof that “The Voice’s” policy to allow contestants with seasoned professional backgrounds into the competition is no mistake.

Usher plays the Bieber card: How can he not? This is a serious competition, folks! In a head-to-head battle with Shakira, Usher does whatever he can to woo an impressive auditioner to his team. And when it comes to trying to impress a teenage contestant, Usher’s gotta do what Usher’s gotta do.

voice blake shelton 2013 season 4 nbc 'The Voice' Season 4 premiere: 10 things to expect when Usher & Shakira join Adam Levine & Blake SheltonBlake’s smooth moves: You want to see Blake Shelton dance? Your wish will be granted. And then you’ll wonder why you ever wished for that in the first place.

Someone needs a geography lesson: Poor Usher. It’s never easy being the new guy, but when you make the mistake of calling Nashville a state and you’re sitting right next to Blake Shelton? Good luck living that one down. (Usher’s explanation for the gaffe? “Sometimes your mouth is moving faster than your brain!”

The trend of indie-rocking pop hits continues: Expect to hear slowed down versions of both LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” and Katy Perry’s “E.T.” For some reason this now cliche cover style never fails to impress the coaches, but not everyone who tries it lands on a team.

The auditions aren’t always predictable: It’s inevitable that not everyone who auditions is going to get a coach to push his or her button, but you will probably be surprised at some of the seemingly sure-fire hopefuls who wind up going home.

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