chris-martin-the-voice-blake-shelton-NBC.jpg“The Voice” has decided that for Season 6, the Battles will continue for a second round, which will be the last elimination via the coaches before the live shows where America starts voting.

The twist to this second round is that the song will be left up to the two singers to decide (from a list), which could provide some fireworks. Also, each coach has one steal to use in this round.

Battle 1: Audra McLaughlin vs. Megan Ruger (Team Blake)
Song: “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus
They both really blow it out, though Audra hits some stratosphere-level high notes. Good lord, that girl has some pipes. But then no sooner do I type that then Megan gets her big belting note too. It’s a very strong battle, tough choice. Megan’s stage presence is bothersome to me, does that bug anybody else? Don’t act out the words, stop bopping side-to-side. We would give the edge to Audra.
Winner: Audra is the clear choice for all the judges and Blake chooses her. Nobody steals Megan.

Battle 2: Cierra Mickens vs. T.J. Wilkins (Team Usher)
Song: “Get Here” by Oleta Adams
Beautiful choice for their voices, if rehearsal is any indication, then in the performance, they’re both good, of course. I just like Cierra’s voice better. It’s a personal preference thing, but at this point, everybody is so good that personal preference is what it really comes down to.
Winner: Usher chooses T.J. and you have to wonder if what swayed Usher was that he’s worked more with T.J., you know? But both were great, so there’s really no wrong choice. Unfortunately, nobody steals Cierra.

Battle 3: Jake Worthington vs. Tess Boyer (Team Blake)
Song: “Have A Little Faith In Me” by John Hiatt
Again, another strong battle. Everybody is really bringing their A game tonight. These two actually have some nice chemistry too. I know it’s not about being a duo, but they’re good together. The ending gives me goosebumps, you guys! It’s really nice that the judges stood up for them because that was the best battle so far. This is hard, but … gun to my head, I’d pick Tess and hope Jake gets stolen by someone.
Winner: Blake goes with Jake out of loyalty, but thankfully, all three of the other judges hit their steal. Tess chooses to go with Shakira.

Battle 4: Sam Behymer vs. Christina Grimmie (Team Adam)
Song: “Counting Stars” by One Republic
Weird song choice. Not because it’s sung by a guy, but because it’s not that much of a vocal showcase and the speedy lyrics are a flub waiting to happen. The song suits Sam’s voice better than Christina’s, but I think Cierra is a better singer than either of these girls, so it’s a shame she went home and one of them will advance. Anyway, Sam is my choice to advance. I think she really out-sang Christina.
Winner: Adam chooses Christina, though, and nobody steals Sam. Bummer.

Battle 5: Josh Murley vs. Patrick Thomson (Team Shakira)
Song: “Run to You” by Bryan Adams
This is another close call, but the weird thing where Josh goes all nasally at times just really turns me off. He’s a great singer when he doesn’t slide into that nasally place, but at this point in the competition, that’s enough to choose Patrick. Patrick may have had a couple bum notes, but I just like the tone of his voice more. It’s about personal preference again.
Winner: Shakira goes with Patrick, which is very cool. Nobody steals Josh.

Battle 6: Delvin Choice vs. Josh Howard (Team Adam)
Song: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)” by Stevie Wonder
Great song choice, though they are very different singers. They both do a terrific job, but my personal taste is Delvin’s choice. It’s just a little richer, though Josh’s falsetto is delicious. Either way, I have no doubt whichever guy is not chosen by Adam will get stolen by Usher.
Winner: Adam chooses Delvin and then yep, Usher steals Josh.

What did you think of the second round of battles? Are you sad about anybody who got sent home?
Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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