shakira usher the voice season 6 episode 6 recap nbc 'The Voice' Season 6, episode 6: The teams are set as the blind auditions come to a closeFour coaches, four spots left, one hour: That’s right, it’s the final night of blind auditions for Season 6 of “The Voice.” Which four artists were lucky enough to land Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher and Shakira’s final team spots on Tuesday (March 11)? Let’s get to it.

First up is Joe Trombino, a former dance student who turned to music. Naturally, that means he’s going to fall prey to that problems that always plagues dancers on this show: Too much dancing. You’re trying to get four people to turn around based on your voice. Do not do anything that can hinder that. For Joe, his moves caused him to fall behind the beat on Al Green’s  “Love and Happiness” and he failed to turn a chair. Sorry, Joe.

Next up to fight for one of those final spots is guitar player and CrossFit enthusiast Kaleigh Glanton, singing “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” It’s not my favorite audition — there’s something about her tone that rubs me the wrong way — but she’s still able to get all four coaches to reach for their buttons. So, what do I know? It’s a tough fight between the coaches, but Blake wins out, completing the three-time champ’s team.

With just three spots left, next to prove her worth is Brittnee Camelle, a nursing student who struggled with growing up bi-racial. She hits the stage with Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper,” which is one of those big bombastic songs that soar when done right, but can land with a sad thud just as easily. Luckily, Brittnee soars on the track. It’s a pretty terrific audition, earning a turn from both Usher and Shakira, while Blake and Adam throw their support behind by the female coach. It’s a tense battle between the two, but Brittnee’s swayed by Usher’s words and she becomes the final artist on his team.

Fighting for one of those last two spots is Beau Thomas, adorable dad to some even more adorable twins. He hits the stage with Ray Lamontagne’s “You Are The Best Thing,” and, though he’s got plenty of spirit, his vocal’s just so-so. It feels a bit pitchy and neither Adam nor Shakira are moved to hit their button. He handles his loss with the same charm he exuded prior to singing. It’s a bummer the vocal just wasn’t there.

With two spots still open, country music hopeful Lindsay Bruce readies to prove she has what it takes after sharing the tragic loss of her uncle during 9/11. She performs “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” and you can sort of see Blake wishing he still had an opening the minute she opens her mouth. It’s not a particularly strong vocal, but it’s enough to get both Adam and Shakira to turn. Blake and Usher both throw their weight behind Shakira, and it works — Lindsay chooses girl power and fills in that final opening on Team Shakira.

And then there was one. With his final opening left to be filled,  Caleb Elder’s fate rests in Adam’s hands — though with just ten minutes left in the hour, it’s pretty certain he’ll make the team. He hits the stage with “Groove Me” and he’s a ton of fun. It’s not a wildly impressive vocal, but it’s solid and there’s a lot of spirit. Adam turns almost immediately. This ought to be a great pairing.

With that, the teams are set. It’s time to move into those famed battle rounds, with Season 6 mentors Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, Aloe Blacc and Jill Scott stopping by to share their expertise. Which mentor are you looking forward to seeing most? And which team do you think is strongest heading into the battles? Sound off in the comments below!

Posted by:Billy Nilles