On night two of the live playoffs on “The Voice” on Tuesday (May 7), it was performance night for Shakira and Blake Shelton‘s teams. That also meant it was time for Shakira and Shelton to team up for their first duet together since Shakira joined the show as a coach this season.

Of course, Shelton made sure he didn’t have to do anything too far out of his wheelhouse, with the two pairing up on Lady Antebellum’s hit “Need You Know.” The country star was dependably good, but the surprise of the performance was how well Shakira held her own. Her unique vocal quality doesn’t lend itself to all genres of music, but she sounded right at home on the scorching ballad.

It may have seemed an odd pairing at the onset, and it certainly didn’t electrify in the way Usher and Adam Levine‘s collaboration on “Superstition” did the night prior, but the duet proved to have a bewildering charm, not unlike “The Voice” itself.

Did you enjoy the duet, “Voice” fans?

Posted by:Billy Nilles