christina aguilera tony lucca mmc 'The Voice': Tony Lucca taps Mickey Mouse Club pal with 'Baby One More Time' performanceWas this supposed to be a dig against Christina Aguilera? If so, it flopped.

“The Voice” contestant Tony Lucca told Zap2it last week that he planned to take his former “Mickey Mouse Club” costar Aguilera’s criticism in stride. If you recall, she urged him to focus on his voice and to avoid using his celebrity connections, like “MMC” pal Justin Timberlake, for “celebrity sway.” Her tone was harsh enough that fans rallied to his defense.

Instead of stepping out of the “Mickey Mouse Club” spotlight this week, though, Lucca decided to play up his connection to the 1990s kids’ show that kicked off the careers of household names like Aguilera, Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Keri Russell.

With coach Adam Levine’s prompting, Lucca performed a new arrangement of Spears’ “…Baby One More Time.” Levine liked the song for Lucca because of the fun male twist on girl-pop, but he also thought it added an ironic touch given the “MMC” connection to Aguilera.

If it was meant to sting Aguilera, though, she didn’t seem fazed. “Lets get Britney out on stage, we’ll do a real reunion,” she joked, complimenting Lucca’s arrangement. Backstage, Lucca gave Aguilera credit for pushing him in a different direction.

Do you think Tony Lucca has what it takes to win the competition?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie