randy jackson on ellen 'The Voice' vs. 'American Idol': Randy Jackson talks Adam Levine feud on 'Ellen'Anyone who watches “The Voice” and “American Idol” understands that they’re very, very different shows with different formats, different expectations, and different audiences. That hasn’t stopped Adam Levine and Randy Jackson, who have been engaged in an odd war of words over the last few months as “The Voice’s” popularity has increased.

On Wednesday’s “The Ellen Show,” Jackson sits down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss the ongoing feud — and to make it clear that it’s not personal. “Well, look. Adam, first of all, it’s all love,” he says. “No disrespect. Adam’s a friend of mine. He, I and Ryan have hung out a trillion times. So, no disrespect.”

Jackson’s most significant criticism of “The Voice” is that they invite talent that may have already gained some recognition in the industry to participate in the blind auditions. “Nobody knew Kelly Clarkson before. She tried a bunch of things. Nobody knew Carrie Underwood before. So we’ve been fortunate because the premise of our show is, what I was really trying to say, we’re about finding the next undiscovered talent, the greatest undiscovered talent in America. So I love that. Look at who won — Scotty [McCreary]. He’s now got a platinum record. I think there’s something to be said about that.”

Jackson believes that the winners of “Idol” have more talent than the contestants on “The Voice.”

“Everyone should have 25 shots in the ring. You can have as many as you want,” he says. “The first thing that goes into my mind, if you have had 3 or 4 shots at the plate, there is something that you’re missing that you quite don’t know yet. People have tried to discover you but it didn’t happen.”

In the end, though, there are no hard feelings. “Adam is my boy. Christina is my girl. Cee Lo is my dog and Blake is almost like my brother. We just have different Moms.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie