christina aguilera tony lucca the voice feud 'The Voice': Was Tony Lucca's '99 Problems' a jab at Christina Aguilera?It’s no secret that there’s been some tension between former “Mickey Mouse Club” co-stars Christina Aguilera and Tony Lucca on “The Voice” this season. First, she snubbed him by not recognizing him as a face from her past — and then she slammed his celebrity connections. She’s repeatedly turned her nose up at his performances and he’s thrown shade her way with some passive-aggressive tweets.

On Monday’s final performance show, though, he may have taken it to the next level when he performed Hugo’s version of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” Was its most well-known lyric intended as a jab at Aguilera?

It definitely seems that way. RadarOnline even reports that Adam Levine refused to allow NBC to censor the word “b****” in the song — they wanted to change it to “chick” — because he wanted to make the message clear to Aguilera. Ouch.

“I thought you sounded great,” Aguilera said, sipping from her coffee cup. “I mean, you have a really cool voice… You know, I know your beautiful wife and your daughter and family are here tonight, and I just thought, you know, the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women, you know, but all in all it was good fun.”

“First of all, just to clarify, so you all know — the intent behind the song… is life getting at you. Things bringing you down,” Levine retorted. “We’re not referring to women, we’re referring to everything.”

“The lyric is ‘if you’re having girl problems,'” Aguilera interjected. “It is girl. It’s girl.”

“It’s called a metaphor,” Levine shot back.

“If that’s how you have to get points–“

“I just want to say I love you, Christina,” Levine finished.


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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie