the voice erin martin 'The Voice': Will Erin Martin, 'Egyptian warrior goddess,' win it for Team Cee Lo?“The Voice” is about finding people who can sing, regardless of what they look like. Of course, sometimes, said people are extremely hot. Erin Martin, a quirky singer with a bold look, was a print model before she began pursuing her singing career. After several showcases for major record labels, execs told her that she needed to develop more as an artist.

Martin figured “The Voice” would be perfect for her — because the coaches would help her develop. “Once they turn around, they’re going to be like ‘Oh my god! Egyptian warrior princess!'” she said.

As she stepped on stage to sing an adorable version of “Hey There Delilah,” Blake Shelton was interested before she even began to sing: “Sounds like heels,” he joked. He was ultimately the first to turn around. Cee-Lo jumped on board as well.

“I see your legs shaking,” Cee-Lo said after. “Your voice is so strange and unique and bizarre and wonderful. Quite naturally you belong to me, don’t you agree?”

His flirting didn’t impress Blake. “I was gonna throw down some down home good ol’ family crap there,” he teased. “Your smile is contagious, by the way. Even Christina’s smiling and she never smiles. You are what The Voice is. You’re that special sound that I personally have never heard before.”

As for why Adam Levine didn’t turn his chair around? “I couldn’t really quite wrap my head around it, so I think that’s a testament to your originality, because I think I was confused and a little bit scared,” he admits.

Do you think Erin Martin could sing her way to the winning spot?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie