tessanne chin the voice winner season 5 nbc 'The Voice' winner Tessanne Chin talks debut single 'Tumbling Down,' advice from Celine DionTessanne Chin was crowned the winner of “The Voice” Season 5 on Tuesday (Dec. 17) after a big night that included singing with her idol Celine Dion and talking the stage with some of her best “Voice” buds.

After her crowning moment, she spoke with Zap2it backstage, letting us in on why singing with Dion was a victory in and of itself and what she thinks of her new, Ryan Tedder-penned single, “Tumbling Down.”

Zap2it: Congratulations on your win! Where is your head at right now? How are you feeling?

Tessanne Chin: Just absolutely, completely blown away. And so grateful. I can’t explain the amount of emotions coursing through right now. Just unbelievable. Can’t believe I’m here.

It was a big night, aside from your victory. You got to take the stage with your idol, Celine…
That to me is winning already, you know? I’m like, ‘I’m good!’

How did the duet come together? How long did you know this would be happening?
They told me like two days before rehearsal with her and I nearly died because this is the moment I’ve been waiting for for such a long time. She’s my idol, without a doubt. Like, you can ask my family members, ‘Who’s Tessanne’s favorite singer?’ ‘Celine!’ I look her up on YouTube, I study her and I just admire the woman she is. It was just such an honor. She’s even better in person. Like, everything you think she’s gonna be, she is and more.

Did you get a chance to speak with her? Was there any advice she gave you?
The one thing she did say, she goes, ‘Are you married?’ I said, ‘Mm-hmm.’ She goes, ‘You have children?’ I go, ‘Mm-mm.’ She goes, ‘Wait five years. Get a nice house first.’ I was like, ‘Okay, Celine said it! I’m [going to] tell the husband.’

And then there was your Bring Back Song, “Hold On, I’m Coming”…
That was so much fun!

Why did you choose the four artists from the Top 20 that you did?
Because they’re my best buds, that’s why. And they have been since blinds. Preston, Grey, Olivia and James — it’s a party. I just wanted us to have fun tonight. We had so much fun that we forgot words, as you can see!

So, we’ve got to talk about the song Ryan Tedder wrote for you three, “Tumbling Down.” That’s your song now. How do you feel about that?
I love it. I love that song and I just can’t wait to be able to sing it more and work with him more because I admire him so much. He’s on my list of dream producers and just incredibly grateful. Ah, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe this is happening.

Now that this is all over, what’s next? Do you get any downtime?
I think have about two or three more days of press and then I get to go home.

What’s the first non-“Voice” related thing you look forward to doing once you get there?
Sleeping in my own bed and eating some nice Jamaican food and seeing my family. Just loving on them.

“The Voice” returns for Season 6 on Feb. 24, 2014.

Posted by:Billy Nilles