the voice carson daly zap2it nbc 'The Voice': Host Carson Daly answers 5 Zap2it reader questions

As a singing competition, “The Voice” has some interesting twists. And we thought our readers would have some questions about NBC’s new reality singing competition as it approaches its series premiere Tuesday, April 26 at 9 p.m. ET with the blind audition rounds.
So, we went right to the show’s host, Carson Daly, with your questions from Twitter, Facebook, and right here on Zap2it.
Here are the 5 Zap2it reader questions Carson answered:
1.) As host, what’s your involvement with the contestants? — @Mkr512 on Twitter
This show is a hybrid. So, it’s part stage performances and then part reality television and storytelling. So in the blind auditions, I’m with the families. So if you went up there, I’d be with your mom and dad. And I watch the audition process with them and I’m there for good news if somebody turns their chair around and I was there for bad news when nobody turned around. So, that was my role for the blind auditions. In the battle rounds, I’m at center stage and I’m the traffic cop bringing in all their artists. But, you know, I’m the host of it. It reminds me of everything I’ve done on MTV. It’s such a music-centric show. It just felt like something I would have done on MTV.
2.) Do you think the “blind round” will affect ratings at all if one of the coaches chooses a person with a pretty spectacular voice and a less than marketable appearance? — @CoOpQuotes on Twitter
I don’t know. I don’t know how ratings work, number one. Number two, I’m on the late night. I live by the DVR. I have no idea how ratings will be affected in this show. All I can tell you is that this show’s priority is with the voice. That’s where it starts and then it grows and it moves to the episodes. I don’t know how the ratings will be affected by that. But you know, I don’t look at anybody physically first. I mean whatever you look like you happen to look like. It’s about your level of talent.

the voice carson daly zap2it nbc 2 'The Voice': Host Carson Daly answers 5 Zap2it reader questions

3.) Which one of the four coaches is the mean one? — @HunterW on Twitter
I have to start by saying I don’t think any of them are really mean at all, because that’s not the M.O. of the show. [Adam Levine] is probably the most competitive. So, you’ll notice throughout the show his competitive spirit more so than the other coaches.
4.) What does each coach bring to the table? — Jessica on Zap2it
We got Christina Aguilera who’s the voice of the generation and one of the best female artists and singers of all time, hands down. She’s got a fiery spirit and is the only female you know who loves all sorts of music. She’s great with her team. She’d be a great choice for any artist. You have Blake Shelton who people think is maybe just a country guy, but he’s not. You will see in the show, he hits his button on non-country artists and, by the way, he can help make a career, too. He’s got Nashville in his pocket. Adam Levine, he’s a great singer/songwriter who works well with people who write their own music. He’s, I think, the most competitive of all the coaches. And you got Cee Lo Green who is, you know, Yoda. He’s zen like. He’s omnipotent, he’s a great producer. He works for all sorts of talent. So you can’t go wrong with any of them.
5.) Having worked at MTV, you’ve known Christina Aguilera since she was a teenager. In what ways is she the same and in what ways is she different from when you first met her? — Michael Hearst on Zap2it
Oh my God! I think the world of her. I’ve been very clear about that. I think she is the, when they mentioned this show, the voice. To me, she is the voice of the generation. I think you can’t have a female coach without having her. She’s a woman now. It’s great to see her. You know, I haven’t seen her in a little while in the last, you know, so many years since the TRL days. When I knew her then, she was a fiery young songbird. She was a little girl with big pipes and now she is a, now she’s a woman and a mother and she’s mama bear and she just, she owns it and she’s really confident in her voice and her business. It’s like she’s in her prime right now. It’s been awesome to work with her again recently and get to know her. She’s so great in this show. Any reservation or any sort of trepidation that somebody would have had about how incredible she is in this show. She goes all in to try and help her team.
Did Carson pique your interest? Will you be tuning into “The Voice”?
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