erin martin voice march nbc 'The Voice's' Erin Martin: 'Weird,' 'unique,' 'bizzare,' 'strange,' 'peculiar' don't add up to 'good'Last week’s Joshua Ledet’s version of “When a Man Loves a Woman” on “American Idol” was a memorable performance. In the best possible way. In an era when “soul” is thrown around casually as a music descriptor, it was rare and welcome to see someone who truly connected with what was coming out of his mouth.

It merited the multiple replays it got across the country.

In a case of bizzarro deja vu, this week’s performance that is being reviewed on a loop is “The Voice’s” Cee Lo Green match-up between Erin Martin and The Shields Brothers on Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do It.” And even after a dozen times watching it it’s still unclear what exactly happened on that stage.

Martin is so over-stylized that by the middle of her performance she’s deconstructed the song into a jagged pile of virtually unconnected syllables. The Shields Brothers should be commended for doing their level best to ignore the crazy lady next to them.

It’s not a ringing endorsement when Blake Shelton‘s favorable comments are directed at your outfit and Adam Levine is reduced to repeating “That was so weird.”

And, yet, Martin won despite no one praising her singing.

Cee Lo’s parting words to Martin were ones of warning: “Don’t make a fool of me, woman.” Place your bets now as to whether or not they’ll be heeded.

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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