In a world where survival is the No. 1 concern, “The Walking Dead” examines the importance of relationship, having good people by your side.

Andrew Lincoln plays protagonist Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy who wakes from a coma only to find the world overrun by dead “walkers” and his family missing. The guy doesn’t lack in loyalty and tenacity, so his mission is to reunite with his wife and son no matter what the cost.

Lincoln talks to Zap2it about a unique zombie dilemma — meeting a walker who was once someone you know and may have loved. There is no reasoning or compromising with a zombie, and yet theirs is a tragic condition that they did not choose. Compassion, even when bludgeoning them with a baseball bat, is always at the forefront Lincoln claims.

And how many zombies has he slaugtered? Watch the video to find that out in addition to what body part he wouldn’t mind sacrificing to a hungry zombie.

In a previous interview with Zap2it, Lincoln had said he’d like co-star Jon Bernthal to have his back in the event of a zombie attack. Bernthal, however, names his friend Sean Carrigan (“Grey’s Anatomy”).

On the show, Bernthal plays Shane, Rick’s best friend whose loyalty could be up for debate. Those of you who’ve read the comic books already know that the human story is sometimes a lot more complex than the zombie one.

Take a look at what else Bernthal has to say about the fight scenes:

“The Walking Dead” premieres on Halloween Sunday (Oct. 31) at 10 p.m. ET.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen