Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking DeadDid you ever wonder why Rick Grimes didn’t look at the bunny slippers girl in the first episode of “The Walking Dead” and say, “Oh weird, looks like a zombie apocalypse happened”? Or why the survivors on the show call the creatures “walkers” instead of “zombies” in the first place? 

At a Television Academy event for Season 5, comic book creator Robert Kirkman finally set the record straight. 
“We decided very early on that there’s a lot zombie fiction out there, there’s a lot of zombie movies, and that leads to a lot of questions,” he says. “Why are these characters never going ‘Oh yeah, you gotta shoot them in the head, because I saw that on “Night of the Living Dead”‘?”
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The solution they found actually makes a lot of sense, even if it’s not something that most “The Walking Dead” fans have thought about. The series obviously takes place in an alternate dimension where a zombie apocalypse took place, but it turns out it didn’t start as the same world we currently live in either.

“We decided if we just strip that word [‘zombies’] out, and have this show set in a dimension where zombie movies just didn’t exist, it would kind of make things a little more believable,” Kirkman says.

Their lives would have all probably been much simpler if they did have a few George Romero films to set the foundation of their post-apocalypse lives. But then, the show would probably already be over.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz