the walking dead shane 'The Walking Dead' Episode 2 first look: Shane won't risk itReady for more of “The Walking Dead”?

Zap2it gives you an exclusive first look at Episode 2, “Guts,” which airs Sunday, Nov. 7 at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

After the premiere’s cliffhanger, we’ll see how our hero Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) fares while he’s stuck in that tank. We think it’s fair to say that he doesn’t stay in there the whole season, and he finds other survivors in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, if you recall Rick’s cop partner Shane (Jon Bernthal), it turns out he’s alive and has carefully constructed an existence with a band of people as well. The easygoing jokester we met in Episode 1 isn’t entirely gone, but there’s a lot of tension in the makeshift camp.

They’re apparently in touch with some people trapped in the city as well. T-Dog, you’ve got us worried. 

Take a look:

What risks would you be willing to take during a zombie apocalypse? Oh, and isn't it nice to see some non-zombified women for a change?

If you didn't get to watch the debut, you can watch it in its entirety online at The site will only do this for first episode though, so you and your DVR are on your own for the remaining episodes. Even if you did catch the premiere, we feel it's worth another viewing to get yourself in the mood for the upcoming gorefest.

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