twd s2 ep210 rick shane 2b 'The Walking Dead' Episode 210 pics: Rick vs. Shane in '18 Miles Out'Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his one-time partner/best friend Shane (Jon Bernthal) have been on a collision course since AMC’s “The Walking Dead” lurched onto our TV sets a season-and-a-half ago.

And in two exclusive new pictures — seen here first at Zap2it — from Sunday’s (Feb. 26) upcoming episode it looks like Rick and Shane may be closer than ever to a fight for the prize of Rick’s wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies). Last week, things continued to tense up for the three of them as Shane made another overture to Lori and Lori started not-so-subtly hinting to Rick that Shane is a threat to her family’s safety.

twd s2 ep210 rick shane 'The Walking Dead' Episode 210 pics: Rick vs. Shane in '18 Miles Out' The two seem to be out on their own scouting a location that may or may not be, as the episode’s title suggests, “18 miles out.” If we were going to make a guess, we’d say they may be back at the high school where Shane sacrificed Otis in order to make it back to the farm with the supplies needed to save Carl’s life. If the TV version followed the books more closely, we’d also wonder if the pair was scouting a nearby prison.

Wherever Lori is, though, we’re betting she’s only looking for one of them to return.

We got all the way through this without mentioning zombies. So we’ll do that now: If Shane and Rick are indeed back at the school, we’re rooting for a zombie Otis to turn up and go after Shane. Poetic justice, ya know? 

“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9 ET on AMC.
Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson