Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t too nice to two of her “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” employees this Halloween season.

As part of a yearly tradition, she makes her writer Amy Rhodes attend various haunted houses in the Los Angeles area. To make 2013 extra special, she sent her executive producer Andy Lassner along with Rhodes to Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, and hilarity ensued.

Rhodes might scare easily, but it was Lassner who really made this video priceless. Though he started out strong, Lassner was quickly yelling, “Stop it! Stop it now!” at every walker who jumped out at him during “The Walking Dead”-themed maze. At a certain point, he just started hiding behind Rhodes and pushing her in front of him throughout the house. “Stupid. It’s finished,” he said at the end. “Why do people pay for that?”

Rewatching the video brought DeGeneres to tears, and she now swears that Lassner will have to accompany Rhodes to these every year. Having his fearful side brought to light has been an interesting experience for Lassner, as he tweets, “Just saw a headline calling me Ellen’s ‘coward staffer’ so this is all going well.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz