the walking dead andrew rothenberg 320 'The Walking Dead': Is Jim psychic?Have you recovered from “The Walking Dead” yet?

Although we had our suspicions, we admit that Sunday’s (Nov. 21) episode “Vatos” was still rather traumatic.

Spoilers! Catch up before reading further.

Let’s just say that even with all the foreshadowing — the quality time between the sisters, the birthday significance, Jim’s digging  — the impact of that horrifying attack on the camp was not lessened one bit.

This is what’s so brilliant about having a zombie TV series (based on the comic series). In getting to know the characters more slowly over time, you feel their loss so much more keenly. Can you imagine having only one family member in the world and seeing that happen?

Jim (Andrew Rothenberg): “I remember my dream now. Why I dug the holes”

Was Jim’s digging and his dream merely coincidence or something more? We’re not sure how we’d feel if his character were clairvoyant. This series is all about human nature and working with our resources. Adding in some extrasensory perception could ruin the carefully constructed world for us.

Then again, what if his dreams do predict the future … but you can’t do anything about it? He said something to Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) about keeping her son Carl (Chandler Riggs) close, and that just fills us with dread. Maybe Jim would become the most unpopular person, even more unpopular than Merle (Michael Rooker). We don’t know if we could live with those types of dreams.

A few other highlights and musings from the episode:

  • Merle is one tough SOB. He cauterized his own stump? He deserves to live. Sheesh!
  • Great line: “Only if we get those guns first. I’m not strolling the streets of Atlanta with just my good intentions, okay?”
  • We love how they guys are surprised that Glenn was only a pizza delivery guy after he drew up his battle plan. He’s our favorite character. Nothing better happen to him. You hear us, AMC?
  • Guillermo and his dogs he bought from Satan at a yard sale just killed us.

So what do you think? Is Jim psychic?

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen