bing ad 'The Walking Dead' kills Bing product placement proposalNo question about it, AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which returns for its second season on Sunday (Oct. 16) is a hot show. So hot that ad agencies are busy trying to figure out ways to work in product placements.

“We pitched them last year where maybe the characters could find a library with a generator and do a Bing search,” Sean Carver, a marketing director at Bing, tells the New York Times.

The proposal was quickly shot down by AMC execs.

“The thing is that it’s a post-apocalyptic zombie concept,” says Melissa Wasserman, vice president of advertising sales marketing at AMC. “So people aren’t using their computers or phones in the show.”

But, still hoping to capitalize on the zombie concept, Bing came up with its own commercial (pictured above) featuring the undead.

Still, take heart marketers — there are plenty of products that could potentially fit as seamless product placements in “The Walking Dead.” We’re thinking a hand sanitizer could clean up nicely. Also, you don’t need a power grid to enjoy a warm Coors. We’re just saying.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson