“The Walking Dead” return to AMC Sunday (Oct. 16) evening to kick off its second season. But first, two of the show’s stars — Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun — visit “The Soup” only to discover they’ve arrived to late to avert a zombie infestation.

The only “Soup”-ers they find left alive are regulars Mankini, Dancing Maxipad, Matt the intern, the “Star Wars” nerds, Leo the Dog, “Lee Farber, Jewish Person” and “Courtney Stodden and her actual tweets.” Oh, and “Mad Men’s” Rich Sommer also randomly appears to have survived the attack.

They trade witty lines (Our fave: Fake Courtney Stodden’s “I feel the zombie blood sensually spray my body as I blow… its brains out through the back of its head with a shotgun. Winky face, a ha ha ha ha.”) while a zombie Khloe Kardashian waits outside clamoring for brains.

This, people, is good television.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson