laurie holden andrea walking dead made to suffer season 3 amc 'The Walking Dead' midseason finale: 6 things to watch for in 'Made to Suffer'“The Walking Dead” midseason finale, “Made to Suffer,” debuts this weekend, and brings an awful lot of questions with it. Some have been brewing all season long, while others come directly from the previous episode.

Warning: Although these questions and answers are purely speculative, they do involve minor spoilers from promotional materials released in advance of the episode.

Can Glenn and Maggie survive captivity in Woodbury?

After Glenn fought off the walker Merle threw at him and Maggie survived The Governor’s near-rape, things couldn’t look worse for the show’s formerly happy couple. At least they’re together now, and there’s strength in numbers… but the episode’s promo leaves no question The Governor wants them dead.

What happens when Michonne meets Penny?

We know from the “Talking Dead” sneak peek scene that Michonne somehow makes it inside The Governor’s apartment and discovers where he hides Penny. And we see a completely different side of Michonne as she attempts to comfort the girl she thinks is merely The Governor’s prisoner. So what happens when she pulls that sack off Penny’s head and discovers the truth…

Do Merle and Daryl still have the bond of brotherhood?

Merle may not give a crap about Glenn or Maggie, but he still wants to see Daryl again. Now that Daryl is just outside of Woodbury with Rick, Michonne and Oscar, Merle may get his wish. And we know from the promo that Daryl tells Rick he needs to see Merle. But have these two brothers grown too far apart since they last saw each other?

Will Andrea ever find out the truth about The Governor?

Poor Andrea. Imagine surviving a zombie apocalypse, having to shoot your sister in the head, losing close friends (Dale, Shane), getting separated from your group, parting ways with another pal (Michonne) and then thinking you’ve maybe found a great guy in a great place to rebuild your life. Imagine all that and then imagine how you’d feel when you find out your new boyfriend is a psycho who’s holding two of your friends hostage, keeps his zombie daughter on a leash and has a room full of severed heads in fish tanks. Probably not too great.

Is Carl capable of holding down the prison?

No character has grown more than Carl in these past seven episodes. He’s gone from scared but curious boy to hardened, self-sufficient young man. If anyone can keep Hershel, Beth and Carol safe while Rick and Daryl are away, it’s Carl — especially considering the way he wields a gun.

How does Tyreese fit into any of this?

We know the midseason finale will introduce a brand new character: Tyreese (Chad Coleman), who joined Rick’s crew a whole lot earlier in the comic book series. In the comics, he’s Rick’s right-hand man and functions in many of the ways Daryl does on the show. But Daryl isn’t in the comics at all, and the team behind “Walking Dead” are always looking to keep the TV series unpredictable by going their own way. So it’s not much use speculating on what kind of guy Tyreese will be, or who he’ll bring with him (as glimpsed in a Spanish language promo clip), until we see it.

The good news: We don’t have long to wait.

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