twd s2 rick hershel 'The Walking Dead' midseason premiere: What's scarier than zombies?Scroll down for an exclusive clip of one of the midseason premiere’s most talked about scenes.

In a world overrun by zombies it turns out there are other, more dangerous things lurking in the most unexpected of places — f’rinstance living, breathing humans just a few short miles away from a farm that you thought might just be your safe haven, the place where you could ride out the zombie storm and maybe start again.

As we saw on Sunday’s (Feb. 12) midseason premiere of “The Walking Dead,” there’s no such thing as a safe haven. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) already knew that — what with a pregnant wife, a son to protect, a group of survivors that look to him for leadership and a best friend who totally wants his wife and thinks he may be the father of that baby.


And, we have to admit, that after the HUGE mid-season finale back in November, most of this first episode back felt sluggish as Rick and his crew tried to figure out how they would be able to stay on the farm after gunning down Hershel’s barn full of zombified friends and family. But, boy, did things pick up in the last 10 minutes.

A new threat arrived that may be even more dangerous than predictable zombies: more people. We met what we assume will be just the first of these outsiders at the end of the premiere, when Rick, Daryl and Glenn go in search of Hershel and find him drinking in the empty town bar. Dave (Michael Raymond James) and Tony (Aaron Munoz), who describe themselves as loners on the road from Philadelphia (but we get the feeling they’re totally lying) crash the party and do their best to invite themselves back to the farm.

And although our heroes end up offing the interlopers we’re guessing there are more where they came from. And so we’re set for what executive producer Glen Mazzara promised would be a fast-paced second half of the season.

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson