twd s2 promo lori 'The Walking Dead': Pregnant Lori's not immune from death, says Glen MazzaraWith one episode left in Season 2 of “The Walking Dead,” executive producer Glen Mazzara is promising even more bloodshed before the credits roll on Sunday’s (March 18) season finale.

In the last two episodes we’ve lost two major characters and fans are wondering if more main characters will bite the dust on Sunday.

Considering the number of fans gunning for the demise of Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) — Rick’s fickle wife who pretty much set him on a collision course with Shane that led to Shane’s death — could be zombie meat next?

She’s definitely not a fan favorite, which is good and bad. She’s also pregnant which would make the death somewhat controversial.

Here’s what showrunner Mazzara has to say on the matter:

“If it’s earned and character-based and propels the story forward, nothing’s over the line for us,” Mazzara tells Zap2it. “Dale’s death propelled the story forward in a big way — even Lori’s going out to Shane. She was scared and wanted to get her ducks in a row. Shane’s death propels us forward. So we have certain criteria for any death.”

But is killing a pregnant woman crossing some kind of line?

“No character is safe,” says Mazzara. “We have examined killing every character on this show.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson