walking dead 2 'The Walking Dead' recap: And We're the ChickensCarl’s up and about, and wanting to learn to shoot at things. Are we sure he isn’t really Andrea’s kid? So Shane sets up shooting lessons for everyone (because it’s not like the show’s established that zombies are attracted to loud noises), and Andrea (for all her goddamned whining about having a gun) has pretty decent aim when given the proper pistol. So she and Shane go to the suburbs to look for Sophia, but only find a bunch of walkers. And she gets to do some real-life shooting, and after a near-death moment, she starts hitting the zombies straight in the head and getting a rush from it. So much of a rush that she gets horny and grabs Shane and they hook up in his car. I’m so skeeved out.

Turns out, so is Dale. He sees Andrea and Shane come back from their suburban romp, puts two and two together and tells Shane to hit the bricks. Dale also has a hunch that Shane killed Otis, because of that one time where Shane held Rick’s head in his gun sights. Shane doesn’t take kindly to any of these accurate accusations and threatens to kill Dale. And it is awesome. More crazy Shane, please.

Glenn has a hard time not acting like an awkward robot, between trying not to spill the beans about the barn and Lori’s pregnancy. He lasts all of three minutes before he tells Dale about both. Dale tries to talk to Herschel about the barn, but the good doctor is under the impression that this is a curable disease. Mostly because he’s keeping his wife and stepson alive in the barn, with the help of a steady chicken diet. (Zombies eat food?)

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