walking dead 2 'The Walking Dead' recap: Another One Bites the Dust... TwiceAndrea, T-Dog, Daryl and Shane are mending fences (in the literal sense) to protect the farm as Rick delivers his eulogy for Dale. Seems that Dale’s death and the encroaching zombies have finally convinced Hershel that the farm isn’t the safest place in the world, and maybe letting these people he has a love/hate relationship with sleep out next to the woods isn’t a fabulous idea. So he allows them all to move into the big old farmhouse.

There is a lot of packing and discussion about sleeping arrangements (Glenn doesn’t want to sleep in Maggie’s room for fear of offending her dad; Hershel thinks Lori and Co. should have his bed because she’s knocked up) that is tedious and boring, but I suppose the entire episode can’t be zombie attacks. Sadly.

Andrea and Glenn have some trouble moving the camper, as it hasn’t been started up since they’ve been here. And as they tinker with the engine, they discuss their feelings about Dale and how they both feel they let him down in various ways. As if the judgmental crazy eyes didn’t make that obvious. But they decide that he knew they cared about him, and finally the camper starts. Like a heavy-handed sign from above.

Speaking of heavy-handed, Lori apologizes to Shane. If the Internet hadn’t already been spinning about Shane getting offed (since Jon Bernthal got cast in L.A. Noir), this obvious scene where she forgives Shane for being a total ******* would have been a major red flag. She admits she doesn’t know whose baby it is, that she’s grateful to him for getting them the hell out of zombiefied Atlanta and is sorry about putting a rift between the two best friends.

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