walking dead 2 'The Walking Dead' recap: Burning Down the HouseWe pick up before where we left off, but from the walkers’ perspective. We see how this massive herd was in the city, saw a helicopter and decided to follow it, which led them along the highway and into the woods. They might have bypassed the farm entirely, or had gotten trapped in the swamps, but then heard the gunshots from the Shane/Rick/Carl incident and opted to head towards that. See, Carl ruins everything.

Glenn and Daryl return to the house and give a brief rundown on the whole it-seems-like-Shane-maybe-just-up-and-killed-Randall-but-somehow-the-dude-still-turned-into-a-walker thing. Everyone is all freaked out and Lori begs Daryl to go find Rick and Shane who still haven’t returned.

Out in the field on their slow, leisurely stroll back to the farmhouse, Carl starts asking questions about exactly why Shane ended up dead and a walker and Rick isn’t quite willing to answer them. How to explain to a child that his sometimes father figure tried to kill his actual father? Anyway, even though there are thousands of walkers and they’ve been coming up rather steadily and Rick’s supposed to be a cop and have decent senses of perception, it seems to take him awhile to finally notice the hissing/plodding noises that the undead are making. He panics and then they run for it.

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