walking dead 2 'The Walking Dead' recap: Choose or LoseWhile we’re treated to images of Otis and Shane running through the halls of a high school (and not in a John Mayer kind of way), Rick tells Lori about the time Shane stole a principal’s car (excellent skill for a POLICE OFFICER) to take Lori’s mind off their dying son. Lori is also force-feeding Rick so he’ll stay strong. He’s drinking milk, and while I might be able to buy the whole random-orange-tree-for-juice thing, I’m also expected to buy that these people can keep cows? And that the livestock hasn’t attracted a horde of walkers to their neck of the woods?

Back at the camper, Andrea practices loading her weapon, while Daryl tries to sleep but can’t because Carol won’t stop crying. So he and Andrea go out looking for Sophia in the dead of night, and Daryl shares his own personal survival story. And then they find a poor camper who got bit and tried to hang himself, he’s just dangling away, and Andrea makes Daryl kill the dude. Carol eventually stops crying long enough to join Dale on the RV roof to keep a lookout for Andrea and Daryl. When the searchers finally get back to the camper, they don’t have Sophia with them, so that sets Carol off again. Dale gives Andrea her gun back, by way of apologizing.

Shane and Otis are having some trouble running around high school with walkers when they decide to split up to confuse the zombies. Shane has to jump out of a second story window, and injures his leg so badly that he starts limping a bit like a walker. But the two somehow escape the hundreds and hundreds of walkers at every turn even though neither of them can run and they are carrying backpacks filled with medical equipment.

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