walking dead 2 'The Walking Dead' recap: Civil WarsWhile Rick and Shane are driving Randall off the farm, Rick confronts Shane over…well, everything, from what went down with Otis to the whole mess with Lori. Rick gives Shane an ultimatum, which Shane responds to with a sincere-seeming story — although he keeps mum about a Walker he spots along the way. They proceed to an army post to drop Randall off and scrounge supplies.

Beth’s coming out of her malaise, and her first words to Lori are judgmental ones about her pregnancy. Lori probably liked her better when she was catatonic. Still, Lori finds herself recruiting Maggie for Beth’s suicide intervention.

Dropping off Randall hits a snag when, while begging for his life, he reveals that he went to school with Maggie — which means he knows where the farm is. That changes everything, and leads to the nine hundredth conflict between Shane’s and Rick’s worldview, which this time comes to blows, awakening a swarm of Walkers when Shane tries to literally kill Rick. At which point Randall gets free and proves himself rather a ****weed after all.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lori and Andrea end up having a less physically violent but much uglier argument in which both come off looking even more like complete *******s than usual. Andrea’s point is that Beth should be left alone to make her own decisions — and after promising Maggie she’ll look out for her, she does just that, and Beth slits her wrists. But not fatally, which allows Andrea to congratulate herself on a job well done.

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