walking dead 2 'The Walking Dead' recap: I Learned It From Watching YouWe start out with Daryl in the barn torturing good old Randall for information. It’s a solid scene (what with the brutal beatings and all) and serves to show Daryl’s discontent with the post-Sophia world. And we find out that Randall’s gang is “just like” our band of misfits, with women and children, but they are led by a bunch of macho guys who have heavy artillery and like to gang rape young women. Not saying that Shane wouldn’t do that, but he hasn’t yet, and that’s the one key difference. But with Randall knowing how to get back to the farm, possibly with some rough hoodlum types, it seems the best option is to kill him in order to save their group.

But Dale gets up on his high horse and starts begging to find a way to keep him alive. Rick gives him a day to round support for his quest, but people are largely unreceptive, including Daryl who thinks that their group has been broken since Rick failed to realize that Shane killed Otis. Herschel, though it is his farm, wants nothing to do with this nonsense, and just wants the kid to be far away from his family. Given that its Herschel’s fault that they even have Randall here (since they picked him up the night of the bender) and that Herschel had no qualms with Rick killing those dudes in the bar to protect their families, that seems about right.

Shane tries to talk Andrea into locking all the naysayers in the house, while he goes into the barn and kills Randall, so he’s continuing to show off his exemplary leadership skills. But honestly, these people are so dumb, that if Rick and Shane just said they were going to leave him somewhere far away to fend for himself, and then deposited him in the midst of a group of walkers, no one would really be the wiser (except for maybe Daryl who seems to know everything).

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