walking dead 2 'The Walking Dead' recap: Shoot to KillWe pick up with our little weary band of idiots, shortly after the CDC explosion. They are leaving Atlanta and heading off to a military base, which Rick tells Morgan about… in detail. Dude, if Morgan’s listening, I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear your full confession on a daily basis. Anyway, they don’t get too far down the road before they run into a bunch of parked cars blocking their way, and naturally Dale’s radiator springs a leak.

They all get out and start ransacking the vehicles, even though Lori gets a bit of a conscience about it being a graveyard. And then of course the Walker hoards come after them en masse. Everyone tries to hide out under cars, as quietly as possible, except Andrea who is obliviously playing with her gun inside the RV. A zombie comes in and attacks her, but thankfully Dale is on the roof and throws a screwdriver down to her just in the nick of time.

It looks like poor T-Dog (the only black character left) is going to be the next causality as he slices his arm open on a piece of rusty metal. But then, out of nowhere super racist Daryl sneak attacks the Walker and totally kills him to save T-Dog. And then he hides under a dead corpse in order to avoid attention. It’s probably wrong that I love Daryl as much as I do.

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