walking dead season 2 dvd 'The Walking Dead' Season 2 DVD prematurely leaks major character death. Oops.For all the series producers’ griping about reporters and fans hungering for show spoilers, perhaps they should look a little closer home when it comes to actual leaks.

Warning: If you don’t want to know who’s going to get it before the end of “Walking Dead” Season 2, STOP reading now. Seriously. Don’t even skim the rest of this page.

AMC’s zombie thriller, “The Walking Dead,” ends its second season on Sunday, March 18 and the complete season will be available on DVD at the end of August. But if you can’t wait two more weeks to find out how the season ends you only need to read the ad copy on AMC’s very own website.

“This special limited edition Blu-Ray includes all 13 episodes on 4 discs, including bonus feaures such as: the making of the barn, an extended zombie gut scene, Shane’s last episode, full Comic Con coverage with panel, comic book vs. episode comparison, and more!”

Wait. What? Shane’s last episode?!?!?! Say it ain’t so.

jon bernthal walking dead amc 'The Walking Dead' Season 2 DVD prematurely leaks major character death. Oops.Of course, those who follow the industry side of things may have has suspicions that Shane wasn’t long for this world since the actor who plays him, Jon Bernthal, has signed on to original “Walking Dead” showrunner Frank Darabont‘s TNT pilot, “L.A. Noir.” And, well, if you’re going by the comics, he should already be dead.

But for fans of just the TV show, this is still a huge blow.

Last June, “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman said that Shane would be “remaining fresh for a while” but although it’s always hard to kill off a character you’ve become attached to, sometimes it’s got to be done.

“If they’re good characters, there are always more scenes to write, but this is the nature of things: There are zombies around. People gots to die.”

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