“The Walking Dead” reunited with main characters Michonne, Rick and Carl in Season 4, episode 9, “After,” but what about the rest of the Prison survivors? Viewers won’t need to wait long to see Daryl, Maggie, Tyreese and the rest of the gang, as their fates will be revealed in Season 4 episode 10, “Inmates.”

A new promo for the episode shows a number of different pairings: Daryl and Beth, Sasha and Bob Stookey, and (seemingly) Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika. Meanwhile, Glenn seems to wake up alone surrounded by walkers, and can be heard calling for Maggie. Her pairing (if she has one) is unclear, but she definitely looks distraught over the situation she finds herself in.

In an interesting turn of events, it’s Beth encouraging Daryl to help them look for other survivors. Despite not having the best luck with strangers, Beth previously decided to cling to life, so it makes sense that she would have this outlook.

Watch more from their scene together below:

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz