the walking dead carl season 4 episode 11 claimed amc thumb 'The Walking Dead' Season 4, episode 11   'Claimed': Abraham's mission revealed“The Walking Dead” introduced three exciting new characters — Abraham, Rosita and Eugenelast week, and it didn’t take long for viewers to discover their motives. In episode 11 of Season 4, “Claimed,” Abraham made no secret of the fact that he’s a man on a very important mission.

That important mission is to get Eugene, a scientist with classified information about the zombie apocalypse, to Washington, D.C., to … do something, and fix the outbreak. But “The Walking Dead” has never been a show that inspires hope, which makes us approach this story cautiously. Like Glenn prioritizing Maggie over saving the world, it is easier now for the viewer to ignore the big picture and focus instead on “The Walking Dead’s” small window in the world post-plague.
It is interesting to realize that the subject of curing the zombie outbreak hasn’t really been touched on since Season 1’s venture to the CDC. Since then, the show’s focus has been on surviving more than anything else. It’s strange hearing someone discuss fixing this problem since for so long “The Walking Dead” has been about existing in a horrible new post-zombie world. In fact, that talk feels like it belongs on a different show, though it is about time someone brought up a possible solution again.
Of course, when attempting a mission like this one, it’s important to not be guiding a nincompoop like Eugene. He managed to fire a machine gun right through Abraham’s truck’s fuel tank, so now the five survivors are stranded. But was that move intentional? Based on the smile on his face after he convinces Abraham to head back down south with Glenn instead of north to D.C., he seems a bit of a suspicious fellow. And as Tara pointed out, we don’t know enough about these characters to understand their motives.

Meanwhile the other storyline in “Claimed” caught back up with Rick, Carl and Michonne. They even have about half an episode of peace, clean shirts and talk of soy milk before everything goes down the drain again. 
It’s good to have Michonne around to, as Rick said, be a best friend for Carl. She opened up to him about her past, but it’s clear to the audience that she is finally ready to have this be her new family. Character development in a zombie apocalypse is a welcome element. And as for Carl still being devastated about the death of Judith, we can’t wait for him to finally find out she’s survived (if either of them actually live to a reunion, of course).

Playing house doesn’t last long for the trio, as a group of bloodthirsty men who will kill one of their own for a bed move into the building where Rick, Carl and Michonne are staying. After a tense scene and one murder, Rick manages to get out alive and the three of them escape. But where to now? Terminus, of course, which is the same sanctuary where Tyreese, Carol and the girls are heading as well.
It’s easy to assume that Terminus, which was the original name for Atlanta (but could also be in Macon, Ga.), is the same “Sanctuary” as in the comics. But is this actually a red herring? If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that nothing comes easy in the world of “The Walking Dead.”

What did you think of “Claimed”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz