walking dead abraham eugene rosita image comics 'The Walking Dead' Season 4: Who are Abraham, Rosita and Eugene?

Warning: Spoilers for “The Walking Dead” Season 4 and the comics are included in this article. Read on at your own risk.

“The Walking Dead” ended Season 4 episode 10, “Inmates,” with a massive reveal: Abraham, Rosita and Eugene have arrived.

But who are these new additions to the world of “The Walking Dead” who are now teamed with Glenn and Tara? The three names have been tossed around with excitement by comic book fans since their casting in Season 4 was announced, but beyond a raucous introduction, there’s not much that show watchers could take away about who the trio are.

In the comics, Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) was a sergeant in the Army and a sports coach prior to the zombie outbreak. He ended up meeting up with a scientist named Eugene after the apocalypse took place.

abraham eugene rosita the walking dead season 4 amc 'The Walking Dead' Season 4: Who are Abraham, Rosita and Eugene?

Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) claims to know key information about the zombie virus. He wants to head to Washington, D.C., because he says he is aware of the walker origins, but he won’t reveal what that is because he claims it’s classified. Abraham acts as his protector and is escorting him on the mission.

Then there’s Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos). She’s Abraham’s current girlfriend and is traveling with him and Eugene.

The below promo shows a better look at Abraham, Rosita and Eugene from next week’s episode, “Claimed.”

As “The Walking Dead” has done multiple times in the past, there’s a good chance the characterizations and backstories from the comics could be altered, in some ways significantly, in the show. But at least it is known that Abraham and Rosita are still dating, and Abraham is a sergeant. Plus Eugene has his walkie talkie, which plays a key role in the “Walking Dead” comics.

Per Cudlitz, Abraham’s backstory in the show will be pretty much the same as it was in the comics. He tells TV Guide that showrunner Scott Gimple told him, “All of your backstory is going to be almost exactly as it was from the comic book as far as what happened before we met him.” Cudlitz adds of the trio’s mission, “Eugene needs to be protected and be brought to Washington, D.C.,” so that seems to be the same as well.

Most importantly, these three characters are allies of Rick and his friends in the comics. It seems unlikely that aspect of the trio’s dynamic will be changed, especially since Abraham ends up becoming one of Rick’s closest allies in Robert Kirkman‘s story. It’s also nice that having them on the show gives the central cast of characters a new goal — to head to D.C. — now that the Prison has been destroyed. But who knows, maybe they’ll end up heading to Terminus instead.

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