the walking dead rick season 4 'The Walking Dead' Season 4b: Four new TV spots and one poster are foreboding

It’s a new year, and “The Walking Dead” is taking on a whole new direction. After the devastating Season 4 midseason finale, the AMC series’ central characters have been separated from one another and cast into the wilderness to fight for their lives.

Now four new TV spots have been released to briefly tease the different storylines. In the first, Carl (who is with Rick) opens a door slowly only for a walker to be behind it.

The second spot shows Glenn waking up after seemingly being knocked out, only to find a horde of walkers trying to get to him. Why does he have a gun? Was he on a lookout? And where is everyone else he was traveling with in the bus?

Meanwhile, another quick tease shows that Michonne seems to be the only person who stayed around the Prison. With it overrun with walkers, she has returned wielding her katana. What is she looking to find?

Then there’s Daryl and Beth, who are seen running through a field together as fast as they can before falling and seemingly passing out.

In addition to the new teasers, a poster for the second half of Season 4 has premiered. Showing Carl and Rick, the poster has the foreboding tagline: “Don’t look back,” which were Rick’s final words of the midseason finale.

“The Walking Dead” returns with the final eight episodes of Season 4 on Feb. 9 at 9 p.m on AMC.

the walking dead season 4b poster 'The Walking Dead' Season 4b: Four new TV spots and one poster are foreboding

Posted by:Terri Schwartz