If there's anything we've learned about  "The Walking Dead," it's that it's rough living through a zombie apocalypse.
Can any of us really predict how we'd act under such extreme circumstances? In Sunday's (Nov. 28) episode "Wildfire," Shane (Jon Bernthal) considers breaking at least one of the Commandments -- on top of the whole "commit adultery" and "coveting thy neighbor's wife" ones, anyway.
So yeah, Shane apparently has coveting issues. He's coveting Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) family hard, and killing him with friendly fire could be the answer to regaining that makeshift family Shane once had. It's pretty sad, really.
Shane, not to prey on the weak, but Andrea (Laurie Holden) just lost her sister. Instead of trying to steal someone's family, why not try to offer support where it's needed? She's also single.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen