Maybe Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) who has been spent the first season and a half of “The Walking Dead” using the most strongest man she can find at any given moment to keep her and her son safe isn’t the best person to ask when it comes to relationship advice.

Still, the choices are limited so in this preview clip from episode 210 Maggie (Laurie Holden) shares her concerns about Glenn (Steven Yeun’s) with Lori. She’s feeling a little guilty because Glenn told her that her declaration of love caused him to freeze up while he was engaged in a shoot-off with strangers.

“Men have to do certain things, you know that. And they’re either gonna blame the little woman as the reason they do ’em or don’t,” says Lori.

“What happens out there, happens out there. And we, we’re just trying to keep it together until they get back,” she continues. “Tell him to man up and pull himself together. Just don’t say ‘man up,’ it never works out well.”

What do you think? Is Lori making a harsh kind of post zombie-apocalypse sense or is this just another example of her convoluted logic and unwillingness to trust her own survival skills?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson