twd special effects 'The Walking Dead' special effects featurette: Expect a lot more killing in Season 3Victor Scalise is a guy with a very cool job. He’s the visual director for “The Walking Dead’s” special effects department and in a new featurette from AMC, Scalise talks about how he and other digital wizards ramp up the tension on the show and even add entire 3D computer-generated landscapes.

The CG crew used motion capture in Los Angeles to get footage of actors moving as zombies and now they’ve got several CG walkers they can insert in scenes. In the video, Scalise shows us which zombies from the Season 2 finale were added by his folks — for instance, two zombies who are lurching behind Andrea (Laurie Holden) as she tries to get out of the utterly infested Hershel’s farm.

He also shows us how CG animators built the finale’s last scene, the pan to an aerial shot of the prison that we know will figure prominently in Season 3.

“It was a fun shot to work on,” says Scalise of the 3D prison landscape. “As with most of our work, [we hope] you don’t know they’re computer generated.”

What’s in store for Season 3?

“We did a lot of killing last season,” says Scalise. “This season we’re doing a lot more.”

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson