the walking dead spinoff mothership amc 'The Walking Dead' spinoff still in early stages of development

The details of the “Walking Dead” spinoff are still unclear, but AMC executives are taking their time to make sure it doesn’t negatively impact the original series, which is still the primary focus.
“What we want to do is not diminish the mothership. What we want to do is find something that everyone involved feels as passionately about as being a unique vehicle and unique enterprise as compared to the original series,” network chief Charlie Collier tells Vulture. “We’ll take our time, and we’ll do it right.”
However, at this point there’s really not much to say because the show is still in development, according to programming head Joel Stillerman. “Walking Dead” comics creator Robert Kirkman isn’t exactly bursting with free time. Between working on “The Walking Dead” Season 4 and the comic book, along with a new project at Showtime, his plate is pretty full already.
Stillerman says a few ideas have been tossed out for the series, “but primarily what [Kirkman’s] working on is, what is the idea that gives [him] as clear a mandate to make another version of this show as [he] had for the first one?” Once they figure that out, then they can move forward with the story.
While fans may be chomping at the bit for more walker action, it sounds like the spinoff won’t be happening for quite a while.
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