“The Walking Dead” lurches back to life on Feb. 12 after a short winter break and, based on a newly-released teaser clip, the action picks up right where we left off: outside the barn with a pile of dead zombies, including a zombified Sophia who our hero, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) shot between the eyes at the end of episode 7.

“We all know this is not going to end well,” yells Rick, pretty much explaining the show’s raison d’etre in 10 words. Still, it’s getting there that is so much fun.

AMC also released the names and synopses for the final 5 episodes of the season. And, yes, reading them could potentially spoil the suspense, so we won’t print them here — there are no out-and-out spoilers, though, so if you’re curious check them out over at Shock Till You Drop.

Two things to note: 1. We’re pretty much sticking with the farm locale for the rest of the season and, 2. Shane (Jon Bernthal) makes it to the Season 2 finale.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson