walking dead s2 promos 'The Walking Dead': Watch 4 new season 2 teaser clipsIn what is clearly a bid to quell any post-Frank Darabont firing jitters or, you know, promote it’s show, AMC Wednesday (Aug. 24) released four new teaser clips from the upcoming second season of its runaway hit zombie-pocalypse series, “The Walking Dead.”

Each clip runs about 10 seconds and gives us a taste of the tone of season 2 which, duh, picks right up where season 2 left off: dark, desperate, sweaty and filled with gnarly zombies.

The best is clip two in which Andrea (Laurie Holden) appears to be taking a solitary walk through the woods when — surprise! — a freaky zombie pops into frame. Oh, the anticipation!

Watch the clips below:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson