If you can’t wait until Feb. 12 for “The Walking Dead” to return, then you’re in luck. The first four minutes of the midseason premiere are now available online, posted to YouTube by the mysteriously named “soooophiaaaaaa” (coughAMCcough).

There aren’t any spoilers here. The action picks up where it left off, with the gang reacting to the death of zombie Sophia. There is some excitement — a sort of predictable not-really-dead Hershel’s wife snarling back to life only to be cut down by a scythe to the brain.

Still, anyone who wants to experience the premiere as a whole should definitely wait.

Some natural questions do arise, though:

— Do we agree with Shane (Jon Bernthal) now, who has his “I told you so” moment, about the danger of Hershel’s zombie collecting and his unwillingness to hunt for Sophia, who he — unlike Rick (Andrew Lincoln) — believed to be dead all along?

— The flip side of that question: Rick says “I was handling it.” Shane responds “Rick, you’re just as delusional as that guy.” Will the whole barn incident cause anyone else in the gang — including Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) to have doubts about Rick’s leadership skills?

— Is Glenn (Steven Yeun) staying at the farm in the event that the group leaves? Since he follows Maggie (Lauren Cohan) into the house, it kind of looks that way.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson