twd carol 'The Walking Dead's' Melissa McBride: 'Some people are gonna die'When we talked to “The Walking Dead’s” Melissa McBride (she plays anguished mother Carol Peletier) at the Television Critic Association’s Winter press tour, we didn’t yet know that cast mate Jon Bernthal — who plays Shane — may be leaving the show (if rumors about his plans to star in another project are true) by season’s end.

Now that we do have that information it makes this statement seem that much more interesting to consider:

“Some people are gonna die,” she told us, without embellishment.

We’re figuring she’d hardly make that kind of statement unless she meant actual cast members. Right? And as the first half of the season showed us, the show’s creative team doesn’t shy away from killing off some of its more sympathetic — and promising — characters. We lost both the utterly sympathetic Sophia, Carol’s daughter played by Madison Lintz, and Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince in a role we’d hoped would last longer than a few episodes).

As we gear up for the second half of Season 2, which starts Sunday (Feb. 12) on AMC, Zap2it wanted to find out what’s in store for McBride’s character now that she’s essentially a mother without a child, a nurturer with no one to nurture.

“You may see Carol pick up a weapon in the second half of Season 2,” says McBride. “Let’s say that.”

Which would be kind of cool since we’ve been watching Carol’s inner strength and self-assertion slowly build throughout the series.

“She’s been through so much alone just to survive before any of this [zombie stuff] happened and women who have to deal with [spousal abuse] and come out the other side,” she says. “Even when they’re enduring it there’s a strength that none of us can touch.”

But as to that nurturing, McBride predicts (or knows) that some of that energy will be spent on fellow apocalypse survivor Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus).

twd s2 melissa mcbride norman reedus 'The Walking Dead's' Melissa McBride: 'Some people are gonna die'“A lot of it is going to continue to develop with Daryl and how he deals with the loss of Sophia and what it’s meant to him. He’s going to detach a little bit and she’s going to want to bring him back in to the fold of the group.”

“But, As the season progresses there are questions,” she adds. “Is that fold really so great? Do I want these people guiding me out of this? If they guide me out of this, what are they guiding me into? Some of the characters are asking if they’re better off by themselves.”

McBride was working as a casting director in Atlanta when she got a call from series co-creator Frank Darabont, who she’d worked for in 2007’s “The Mist” (along with Scott Wilson and Laurie Holden).

“It’s been kind of a fluke. You never know,” she says of her sudden steady gig. “And that’s a great lesson to hold on to — you never know what’s around that left-hand turn.”

As for more show details, this is all we could manage to pry out of McBride:

“We won’t meet the Governor this season, I know. There will be some additional new characters introduced before the season is over.”

So there you have it.

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson