robert kirkman gi 'The Walking Dead's' Robert Kirkman: More new characters, including Michonne, in the worksIf Robert Kirkman’s excited, we’re excited. About “The Walking Dead,” that is.

Think of Kirkman as the man behind the curtain of the great zombie empire that is “The Walking Dead.” He started writing the comic books back in 2003 and in 2010 helped adapt the story into AMC’s most-watched series to date, which is now in its second season and already greenlit for a third.

“We’re very excited for the third season because there’s a lot of really cool stuff coming up in the story line that is going to be a lot of fun to adapt,” Kirkman tells Zap2it.

But first, there’s the rest of season 2 to get through. The 13 episode run will be taking a mid-season break after the seventh episode airs on Nov 27.

“[I]t is a bigger episode and there are some loose ends tied up, but I wouldn’t want to say what just yet,” says Kirkman, who hints that we may finally find out what has become of missing kid Sophia (Madison Lintz), who has been AWOL since the beginning of the season when she ran off into the Georgia woods. “But I will say to keep an eye out for that episode, it’s gonna be huge!”

We don’t doubt it. More importantly, Kirkman totally teased us with some intel about the second half of the season, which returns on Feb 12.

“There’s definitely a slew of new characters that are going to be introduced after the hiatus,” says Kirkman. “I wouldn’t want to say who they are. They may be original to the show. They may be from the comic. I can’t really say, but there are going to be some new faces coming up.”

Fans of the comic books may have some suspicions about where things are headed. In the books, Rick Grimes’ band of survivors next happens upon a prison that they see as a possible refuge from walkers. That’s all we’ll say. Well, that AND Kirkman does confirm that one of our favorite characters from the comics, the Samurai sword-wielding Michonne will be introduced to the show. Not necessarily this season, though.

“She was introduced pretty early on in Vol. 4 of the comic books,” says Kirkman. “Whether we’ll move that up or have it happen at a later date, we haven’t figured out. But I will say that she’s definitely going to be in the show eventually.”


Another burning question we had was about that “moment” between Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) and Andrea (Laurie Holden) in Sunday’s episode; an exchange on the back porch of Hershel’s farmhouse that may have signaled a subtle shift in their relationship. Is it just us picking up romance vibes, we asked, or are they, like their counterparts in the comic books, headed for a hook-up?

“In this situation, people are prone to pairing up — it’s just part of our natural inclination, it’s part of the survival instinct and it certainly looks that way to me.”

Finally, we had to ask about the big reveal of Hershel’s barn full o’ zombies. It got us thinking about zombie mechanics again and wondering whether Hershel has to feed his flock or if they just kind of bump into each other and wait for a rat to wander by.

“We will have an answer to that in the very next episode!”

So there.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson