the wanted chasing the sun video vevo The Wanted premiere new video for 'Chasing the Sun'The ongoing battle of the British boy bands continues. The latest entry into the race to the top of the charts (and top ranking in the hearts of teen girls everywhere) comes in the form of the music video for The Wanted‘s newest single, “Chasing the Sun.”

Unlike One Direction, the Wanted lads are way more direct about their desire to drink and hook up with beautiful ladies, so it’s only natural that the video follows the five guys as they meet hot chicks at a bar and then hook up with them. There’s a twist, though!

If you don’t want to know, go ahead and watch the video now. If you do, stick around.

Okay, you greedy, spoiler-wanting readers: the hot chicks turn out to be vampires. Naturally. Because what do teen girls love more than cute British guys singing? Vampires, of course.

Posted by:Jean Bentley