heather one The Way They Wore: Heather Locklear's fashion through the yearsThe b*tch is back in 5 days! While we wait with giddy anticipation, let’s relive the fashions of Heather Locklear.

Heather Locklear, eternal TV vixen, is due back on “Melrose Place” next week. She’s sure to have her claws sharpened and her hair moussed to do
battle with the new girl, Katie Cassidy.

Cassidy’s Ella Simms is shaping up to be quite the foil for Locklear’s Amanda Woodward — but will they be frenemies, competitors or mentor/protegee? We think if they teamed up, they’d be the most formidable femme fatales television has ever seen. Either way, we can hardly wait to find out.

Now is a perfect time to look back at our favorite bad girl over the past two decades. Memories… light the corners of my mind… big-haired, outdated memories… of the way she wore.

heather locklear swimsuit The Way They Wore: Heather Locklear's fashion through the yearsEnjoy our gallery of Heather Locklear’s fashions. Don’t forget to tune in to “The Jay Leno Show” Monday, Nov 16 for Heather’s “10 at 10” from the “Melrose Place” set and then finally it will be Tuesday, Nov 17 — the day Amanda Woodward returns to “Melrose Place.”

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