the white queen starz finale 'The White Queen' season finale 'The Final Battle' sees Henry VII crowned King of EnglandThe BBC series “The White Queen” came to an end on Starz Saturday (Oct. 19) — and it has not been commissioned for a second season by the BBC. However, Starz reportedly hopes to develop a follow-up miniseries called “The White Princess,” which will also be based upon Philippa Gregory’s series “The Cousins’ War,” which is the basis for “The White Queen.”

But what did you think of the season finale?

It was certainly action-packed, with King Richard III meeting a bloody end at the Battle of Bosworth once Lady Margaret’s husband’s forces get in the fray. Lord Stanley offers the crown to Henry Tudor and thus the show has moved from the House of York controlling the throne under King Edward IV to now King Henry VII taking control for the House of Lancaster.

In England’s history, King Henry VII begat the subject of Showtime drama “The Tudors” — King Henry VIII, whose children were Queen Mary I (“Bloody” Mary) and Queen Elizabeth I. Henry VII was also the great-grandfather of the subject of the CW’s new drama “Reign” — Mary, Queen of Scots.

And what became of titular “White Queen” Elizabeth Woodville? At the end of the episode, Elizabeth is at Grafton with her children. She tells young Elizabeth of York that she will marry Henry one day and be Queen of England like Elizabeth herself once was. Young Elizabeth is, of course, the “White Princess,” who did marry Henry VII but there is no word yet as to that miniseries’ development.

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