christine adams whole truth 'The Whole Truth's' Christine Adams: 'She's ready for the challenge'“The Whole Truth” is the newest small screen legal drama, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow as opposite sides of the justice system.

Christine Adams (“Pushing Daisies”) stars as a new hot-shot defense attorney at Morrow’s firm. She tells Zap2it that the unusual premise and the strong female characters are what drew her to the show.

“Obviously there are other legal shows, but this one shows both sides, which you don’t usually see,” says Adams. “You get to be on both sides of the story, which makes it compelling and also a bit more ambiguous, which should be interesting.”

“And it’s such a strong female character, both female characters,” she continues. “Independent women who know what they want, ambitious. I think what’s great about these two women is
they’re fearless. They’re incredibly focused, they’re incredibly tenacious. To get to
the level that they’re at, they probably knocked off a few competitors
along the way. They hold their own, they’re not intimidated. So that was definitely the big draw.”

Part of not being intimidated is that her character Lena Boudreaux is the new kid on the block at the defense firm and the current second-in-command Alejo Salazar (Anthony Ruivivar) is not happy about it.

“There’s definitely some competition. She wants to get her feet wet, she’s ready for the challenge,” Adams says. “But Alejo feels threatened, what’s she doing here? What’s her agenda? There’s definitely tension between us two.”

The tension between Lena and Alejo is purely business, as she informs us that Alejo is gay, but Adams does tease some interesting developments down the line.

“At the moment, as far as I know, there is no real sign of romantic entanglements, though I will say the episode we’re in right now Lena gets into an interesting situation with another attorney. That’s all I can say!” Adams laughs.

She also can’t pick a favorite case so far.

“I will say, and this is the truth, whenever I read the next episode, that’s always my favorite episode,” says Adams. “I’m just really happy to be a part of it and I think people are going to love the show.”

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